Pioneers of BLDC motors, Atomberg Technologies entered the fan industry within its first ceiling fan named Gorilla in 2015. There has been no looking back since that point. With sleek and no-nonsense designs combined with the powerful and energy efficient BLDC motors, Atomberg has successfully created a dent in an industry that did not see any real innovation in the last 50 years.

In a tropical country like India, the importance of fans is huge. For most families, is the only source of cooling available. Apart from the aesthetics, the performance of the fan is equally important. Things like RPM, air delivery, and air spread are actually more important than those aesthetics.

Atomberg’s fans with its powerful motors and unique blade designs ensure the best airflow. The ceiling fans launched 2 years back has already got a huge thumbs up from the Indian consumers. The prototyping of wall mounted, pedestal and table fans have already been done and it should be launched by early 2018. Needless to say, all these fans consume 60-65% less electricity as compared to other fans in the market, while giving the same air flow

The entire range of fans from Atomberg is made using premium grade raw materials ensuring the best quality products for Indian customers. Each product comes with the manufacturer’s warranty which helps in a superior consumer experience

You can find the entire range of our fans online and can purchase the same from our website. These superior quality fans along with advanced features like remote control, timer mode, sleep mode, boost mode etc will definitely make your life more comfortable. Add the sleek designs and the 60-65% power savings, and you have the perfect one-stop solution to all your fan needs.

Gorilla Fan - ceiling fans

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are the hassle free and efficient home appliance one could ask for. A part of every home, they add to the simple joys of life.

Gorilla Fan - Table fans

Table Fan

A gust of cool breeze to your face irrespective of where you are.A simple innovation that lets you bid goodbye to heat and uneasiness.

Gorilla Fan - pedestrial fans

Pedestal Fan

Mobility in air circulation, sturdy base mounts, adjustable height and powerful air flow.
All this with the Atomberg pedestal fan range!

Gorilla Fan - EXHAUST fans


Bring home the Gorilla domestic exhaust fan and live better. Say hello to cross ventilation and proper air circulation in your rooms.

Gorilla Fan - Wall Mounted fans

Wall Mounted Fan

Mobility in air circulation, sturdy base mounts, adjustable height and powerful air flow, All this with the Gorilla pedestal fan range!